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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bringing Water to Kasaani

After months of planning, liaising and meetings, the outcome that we have all been waiting for has finally become a reality! Following a meeting with Taveta District Council’s Community Development Fund yesterday, future volunteers on GVI’s Construction and Sustainable Development Project now have the go ahead to construct a water pipeline to bring drinking water directly to the village of Kasaani.

For over 10 years the community of Kasaani has struggled without water in their village; the absence of a water supply in this village has meant that families in this community trek over 3km to obtain drinking water for their homes each day. Not only is this a tiring journey for all of those, including children, who have to make the uphill trip back to Kasaani carrying 20 litre containers of water, it also detracts from the time these families have available to devote to income generating activities and subsistence farming.

As such, the construction of a water pipeline directly into Kasaani will not only eliminate the lengthy journey currently necessary to obtain water, it will also increase the time and energy community members have available for other essential activities. This pipeline has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of all the people in Kasaani, as well as surrounding villages.

Although GVI has been working with the CDF over the past four months to find a feasible way to deliver a reliable supply of water to Kasaani, it was not until a few weeks ago that a viable proposal was established to deliver good quality drinking water to Kasaani from a pre-existing bore hole. This paves the way for a working partnership between GVI and Taveta District Council; construction of the pipeline is set to begin in August of this year.