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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Molly Reports from Mkwiro's Nursery School

This morning was outdoor activities for Imogen and me. It was just the two of us working with the nursery school, along with their two teachers. And we had 90 children aged three to five years old in this lesson.

So it was very daunting, stepping through the village gates bracing ourselves for a large number of small disobedient children. But as we walked into the classroom we were greeted with the familiar “Jambo, jambo, jambo!” that you hear from kids whenever you walk through the village. They all ran to do high 5’s with the two of us and that was as disobedient as they got.

We took them all outside with five children clinging on to each arm and asked them to make a circle, which they understood immediately and started creating a big circle whilst chanting “make a circle” over and over.

Imogen and I had devised a fun circle game where we would say instructions and they had to follow them, for example jump or clap. They caught on so quickly that we had to come up with trickier ones to throw them slightly.

At the end of the lesson all the children gathered around the two of us to say thank you by singing us a song. Which I think went like this:
“Be welcome, be welcome,
This very happy day,
Thank you, thank you,
Be welcome.”

It was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen and we both agreed afterwards that we felt slightly teary as they sang to us.