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Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing Julie our new community field staff in Mkwiro

Introducing Julie Barrot de Brito
After my week off, I am finally back in Mkwiro, on Wasini Island. I am very excited about having the opportunity to work with the people of Mkwiro for the next three months. Indeed, I am the new community field staff on the island! During the next ten weeks, I will have the chance to teach in Mkwiro Primary School as well as working with the Adult English and Maths classes, the Women’s group and other community projects.

Since it is only the beginning of my work placement, I am still quite overwhelmed by all the details of the work but I am sure that time will help and I will eventually feel comfortable with the different aspects of it. 

Julie teaching macrame to the local women's group
Besides, Sophie, the community officer, is here to guide and help me. She will introduce me as well to the important people in the community. This way, I will have a better understanding of who is who and the people in the village will know who I am as well! For example, today I was introduced to the Women’s group by Sophie and I cannot wait for our next meeting on Tuesday! After a couple of minutes, I already felt better about the situation and was impressed by the range of products that were laying on the table. Even if I spent one month in Mkwiro over the last ten weeks, today was the first time that I got to see their mats, wallets and bags and, to be honest, it was hard not to buy everything they had!!! I have to confess that even if I did not buy anything today, I already have an order placed for next week!

Julie Barrot de Brito - Mkwiro Community Field Staff