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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christina starts our momentous computer literacy program with Safe Shimoni

 Today western culture seems to revolve around the convenience of modern technology. When I left the US for Kenya I had in mind that computer technology would be a far off idea. When I arrived 3 months ago I was surprised to see so many cell phones, internet sticks and computers in the big cities. However, computers are still spreading slowly out to the rural areas. Here in Shimoni, receipts are written on carbon paper, cash is the only form of money and the internet is only on a few mobile phones for Facebook and email. Local organizations are making a strong effort to build capacity for computers so they can catch up with the rest of the world and access the infinite resources that come with computers. One organization that has been taking a giant step forward with this is Safe Shimoni, a local health outreach group. This past week GVI began an intensive computer education program with some of the group’s members. The experience has been great! I am amazed everyday at the dedication of these students. All of them walk from villages outside Shimoni everyday to learn something that I got to learn from the comforts of home or public school. Simple things like double clicking to open documents or typing one paragraph seems so easy, but to them it is a whole new world being opened for them. The hope is that we educate these members and they can actually become trainers themselves. Each individual will receive a certificate from GVI for their completion of the course, taking their knowledge to other members. Eventually as capacity builds for these local groups, the education will be there for them to take off and use technology to benefit their group and community. I am so excited to continue working with these students and to see the good they will do as computer users and trainers.

Christina Kennedy – Community Field Staff

Christina and Kopa from Safe Shimoni tackle PowerPoint