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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflections after 3 weeks in the Expedition

I am beginning the third week of my combination expedition on the south coast of Kenya. So far it has been an experience beyond words. I began my expo with 2 weeks in the forest around Shimoni. Every day was something new from Paradise Fly Catchers to Zanj Elephant Shrews: you never know what is around the corner. The biodiversity in the forest is amazing hopefully the rate of deforestation will go down  to help preserve the precious natural ecosystems that exist here.
O' Akela!!!!!
This week I began working around the community in Shimoni. After a quick introduction to set me on my way I was in the classroom observing other GVI teachers. The students are willing to learn and eagerly accept help from us. My first class was at Shimoni Primary where I observed an English lesson on active and passive voice. The lesson was 35 minutes long but it seemed like it was over before we got there. Yesterday afternoon we went to Matunda Bora school where we got the students together for a choir session. The students enjoyed singing hits like “Buffalo Soldier” and “Wonder Wall.” We are slowly trying to teach them “We are the World.” Progress  on the new songs takes a great deal of effort but it was all good fun helping with the process. Below is a photo I took of Connor leading the choir through “O’Akela”. Later today we are going to lead a wildlife club about natural disasters. It is always nice to provide the students with something that is not part of their regular curriculum.
I am excited to continue on in the community this week and then get ready to check out satellite camp next week. Sat. camp has been something I have been looking forward to since I decided to partake in the expedition!
Text: Benjamin Cudmore