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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Matunda Bora Shimoni

The school started in the year 2000. We began in a small way, having kindergarten one (1). The class had two pupils and 1 teacher.
We stayed with 2 pupils for 3 years. In the year 2004 the school had a roll of 5 pupils. The situation looked as if it wouldn’t increase in number but due to the hard working of our teacher the school got fame in the community. The 5 pupils we had were taught well, how to write, read and speak in English. With that fact we got the access to the local people around us.
Now the teaching staff are 11 and two subordinate (non teaching) staff to give a total of 13.
The year 2009 we started boarding to accommodate the children know to have come from a far distance. Picture The total number of boarders is 20 pupils, these are boys and girls of which 3 come from our neighbouring country Tanzania.
The school has struggled (saving) money for a long time until late the year 2008 whereby we purchase 5 ha of land with Shimoni, that’s Anziwa no contraction on it.
This year 2011 is the first year we are sitting for K.C.P.E. exam.

Get to know our result after the exams. See you after the exams. See you as you read from me very soon.
Mr Opiyo
Headmaster Matunda Bora