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Friday, November 18, 2011

Eaten by Geckos

Our previous trapping set-up included a 160 Watt, High UV-light emitting ML-lamp and a white trappingsheet all precariously placed in the right angles to make the light visible over large distances. More recently we discovered that painting the outside wall white, and leaving the porch light on is just as, if not more, effective. We were catching at least three new species a night at one point.

Now however, Geckos have crashed our species discovery curve. They are getting fatter with the day and all we are left with is having to sweep up half eaten, apparently untasty, moth wings.

Here is an impression of our work BEFORE the geckos took over.

Bunaea alcinoe

Cleora spp.

Dissoprumna erycinaria

Epilacydes scita

Euchloron megaera

Gonimbrasia zambesina

Poliana wintengsi

Our species discovery curve before geckos made it crash (x-axis represents the day the species was first caught).

Zamarada lima

Zamarada lima