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Monday, November 14, 2011


I arrived in Shimoni one week ago today and it already feels like home. I came here to partake in the Kenya Community Development Internship, and in the short space of seven days the meaning of the word community, for me, has expanded and evolved in this wonderful village. The welcome I have received here has surpassed any other, and us Irish are known for our ‘Cead Mile Failte’ (A Million Welcomes).
As an intern, there is a lot to digest in the first few days, but the GVI staff are great in addressing concerns and questions, regardless of how simple or  mundane they may seem. Our training will be extensive and covers many aspects, from marine conservation to a BETC Leadership Qualification. We will spend this weekend on our EFR (Emergency First Responder) training, and, for some of us, the weekend will also involve a move to the Island of Wasini, where we will take up residence close to the village of Mkwiro to continue our training in community development.
Community int...what?
Today was a special one for me. I taught my first class. I was teaching English to a group of very responsive and friendly kids, and it was a fantastic experience. Their willingness and excitement to learn was encouraging as a first time teacher. Tomorrow we will spend the morning with the Kindergarten class, and I cannot wait!! I hope to keep you posted over the next six months as I believe everyone should have an opportunity to know and learn about this wonderful project and the community it is empowering. 
Text: Caroline Reld