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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Whale of a Tail!!

Being the season for Humpback Whale migrations, the GVI research vessel has been on the lookout since the beginning of July. Not that a whale of this size can hide that easily! We had heard tales of other boats seeing whales a couple of weeks ago and were excited at the prospect of discovering a migrating individual ourselves.

Humpback Whale's back in town

Then, mid morning we got a phone call from a local man fishing out in his small canoe that a whale was passing through our waters. We sped as fast as our small engine could take us to area he had described only to find the whale had headed out to deeper waters... Slightly disappointed, we turned around and headed for a snorkel transect but just as we were getting into the water we received another call... The whale had returned!! Again we rushed to find a trace only to be amazed by a huge splash in the distance. It had launched it's entire mass out of the water and breached spectacularly.
The huge animal breaching spectacularly
We stayed with the individual for around 40 minutes, never knowing where it was going to pop up next! After collecting key details about its location, behaviour and taking some photos, we left it to continue its epic journey.