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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Puff adder under strangler fig

A few days ago, a little brown house snake had nestled itself in our bathroom. Although she was a pretty snake and didn’t do any harm, we did after a few days decide to relocate it. A bathroom, we decided, is just not an healthy environment for a snake to grow up in. Apart from that we really needed to use the bathroom.

This afternoon, during field-work we stumbled upon a less harmless fellow. On the forest floor, basking in the only bit of sun penetrating the canopy was a really fat, one point three meter, Puff adder (picture on top). Puff adders normally don’t grow this big but several huge Puff adders have been reported on the Kenyan coast.

This individual seemed to have positioned itself on the edge of the mangrove forest and, after she had given us a good look of herself, crawled calmly into a big hollow strangler fig tree.