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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunny Shimoni!!

I really enjoyed my first two weeks in Shimoni. Before arriving here I did not know what to expect. I only knew that I was going to teach English in a school and that I was going to live in a house with other volunteers (maybe without hot water and electricity). The day I arrived in Shimoni, a small Kenyan village, I was quite surprised. Everything was so different! But I got used to the house, the food, the weather, the spiders and the mosquitoes very quickly.
On my third day in Shimoni, I went to one of the schools for the first time, Matunda Bora, a private school known as the best school in Shimoni. The headmaster was, like all the other people here, very kind and the pupils seemed to be very well-educated. I had my first English class there. I did not know that I was able to teach a class before, but I proved myself that I actually have some teaching skills and I had a lot of fun!

The eager students of Matunda Bora
The children in school are very sweet and eager to learn and most of them are very clever. It is a good feeling when they listen to you attentively. In one of the other schools in Shimoni, Shimoni Primary School, which is not a private school, it is a little bit harder to teach because the classes are much bigger and the students have difficulties to stay concentrated during the lessons. But it is very rewarding when you see that some of the children understand what you teach them.

I can ay that coming to Shimoni was the right choice for me and that I enjoy my time here a lot, even if I miss taking a hot shower! It is a very good experience that I will never forget and I am looking forward spending two more amazing weeks in this peaceful village.