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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carolines Community Week!!

I’ve had the best first week! Didn’t really think community would my kind of thing but it’s been class! The training on Monday was much more straight forward than I thought - knew more about how to be a good teacher than I thought. Role plays were hilarious! Also got to see what island life is like which got me excited for marine.
I didn’t really know what to expect of Kenyan school - when we got to Base Academy,  it seemed so different to anything I’ve ever seen before but after my first class assisting you I realized kids are the same wherever you are- same mistakes, same giggles, same mischief.  

Kids are the same wherever you are - same mischief!
Co-teaching with Fran was scary on my second day in the classroom but it got my confidence up enough to say yes to teaching a Shimoni Primary class today. I was terrified! Asked Fran’s advice the whole way there and then when I got into the classroom I forgot most of what she’d told me anyway! The broad Northern Irish accent was too much for the kids to handle so with help of my translator we had a pretty good lesson on similes - the first example from a student being, “our teacher is as tall as a giant!”

Reading Under the Tree in Shimoni

Reading under the tree was so fun! The kids were adorable, hope I can still tag along when I’m on forest next week. Just getting into community and I have to leave!