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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whistle while we work!

Currently I am working in Mkwiro Primary School and although it is an amazing place there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  As a relatively small side project, GVI have teamed up with the school to renovate some of the classrooms, many of which are in such poor condition; it’s proving both a difficult learning environment and teaching environment.
Walking around a classroom which is filled with huge potholes does not make the best teaching or learning environment, so this weekend myself, Fran the Community Officer and Bertie (Forest Staff) supported the school in addressing these issues.  Along with help from a few teachers, fellow students, the village chairman with his right hand man and of course the supervision of a local Fundi we prepared for a full on weekend of hard graft. We started work at 07:00am on Saturday morning and didn’t stop until very late afternoon. 
-Bertie, Fran and Jo teamed up for the painting day-

I now have the pleasure of announcing our joint success!!!  In two days we have managed to fully paint one classroom (we underestimated exactly how much paint we required and managed to use a full 20litrres painting just one classroom!).  We all re-paint the blackboards in 5 classrooms – it was at the point where you couldn’t read anything so teaching was quite a challenge.  Finally we filled all the potholes in all the classrooms so no more falling over in class!!  All three of us learned how to mix cement, fill potholes and level the floors Kenyan style!!

-Jo proud as punch-

It has been an absolutely knackering weekend, but so rewarding.  It’s amazing the difference and lift this has given both the teachers and students! It was a pleasure to observe their little faces when they came t o school on Monday morning.   Thanks to all who chipped in… and especially all the community members who gave up their weekend to come along and support us!. 

Jo, Community Staff Member – Mkwiro Village