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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Marine Boat Captain!

Faridi - our new boat captain


Name: Faridi Mshamanga
Residence: Born and bred in Mkwiro, Wasini Island, Kenya
Job: Boat Captain for GVI
Age: 27
Interests: Football! Arsenal!
Favourite food: Ugali
Point of interest: Last expedition, Faridi spotted more dolphins and megafauna than all of the volunteers and staff put together!

Faridi is no stranger to the GVI staff and volunteers in Mkwiro. For the last 5 years he has been our resident Askari, working on our island base, until February 2011 when he obtained his KPA boat license and was promoted to Boat Captain! Faridi now joins the Marine team of volunteers each and every day out on Bardan looking for dolphins, turtles and anything else he can spot!

“I love working with GVI and I am very happy in my new job as Boat Captain. Now I get to go into the marine park all the time, see lots of amazing wildlife and snorkel the coral reefs. I am learning new things all the time and am keen to learn more. I also love meeting all the new volunteers and speaking English which has gotten better and better” Faridi

Faridi is loving his new job
Faridi is already experienced in local marine life and the locations of key habitats and fishing grounds. He is really keen to learn as much about marine research, species and behaviours as possible and so we are teaching him everything we know. This includes lectures and practical workshops with information on dolphins, turtles, megafauna, research methods and Health and Safety to name a few! Next week Faridi will take the marine exam which I know he will pass with flying colours!