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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer Camp Shennanigans

Shimoni Primary are on their holidays but to keep them entertained during the break GVI have set up a summer camp. There is sports, arts and crafts and drama activities planned in addition Shimoni Environmental Association (SEA) were asked to demonstrate how they make their alternative charcoal briquettes.
Team effort!
So, on Tuesday afternoon in the sweltering heat we joined the students and GVI volunteers at summer camp. We showed them all the materials required to construct the charcoal and then sent them hunting for them around the school grounds. One group were searching for coconut shells, the second dead leaves and the third paper, these are the main requirements and they did an excellent job. Once the materials were collected we went about preparing them for the mixture, paper was shredded, coconut crushed and leaves crunched. After the 2 hours of sports, prior to our arrival, everyone was glad to be able to sit down in the shade and help out.

Once this was done Macs and Kate showed the GVI volunteers and children how to mix the charcoal recipe in the pestle and mortar, put the mixture into a mould and use the press to hold the mixture together so the briquettes can be dried and handled, ready for burning.
The pulp before it gets pressed
Not only did we show the children that we can put rubbish (found around their school) to good use, you can also have fun whilst making fuel which can cook your dinner!