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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mangrove surveys continue for 112

About a month ago GVI started to conduct mangrove tree surveys on the island of Wasini. It’s really exciting because it’s the first time any research has been done on tree species in this area. Today was the first ‘canopy height’ survey, and we managed to complete two of the four marked transects.

By measuring the height of the mangroves we can get a good idea of how old and established the mangroves here are. We also looked at the surrounding areas for human disturbances such as clearings, trash and wood piles. I found it particularly interesting, because the area of the mangroves closest to the village has a large clearing but as we walked deeper into them, the tree coverage became denser. Also, on our walk we saw around 20 women and young girls carrying firewood bundles on their heads. It is a traditional use of their natural resources but needs to be managed sustainably. A replanting scheme has been initiated in association with KESCOM, but currently goats grazing on new growth as impeding its success.

Mkwiro is such a unique enchanting village – it is sad to see the amount of litter building up in the forested and mangrove areas. I believe GVIs presence and research will help move forward the process of restoration, conservation and sustainability. I’m so stoked to be able to witness this progress during my time here and be a part of this amazing programme.