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Monday, March 7, 2011

What do Airplanes and Food Security Have in Common?

GVI staff and volunteers work incredibly hard to support conservation and community development projects around the world.  GVI’s Tsavo West Sustainable Development program is no exception to this rule and for the past four years GVI has been assisting over 150 ex-poachers to successfully engage in sustainable alternative livelihoods.  Moreover, GVI have supported countless projects in this region designed to support broader development objectives including addressing water access and food security issues.  These projects tend to be the most difficult and most rewarding for both the communities and GVI personal involved.  And, many of them wouldn’t be possible without the support of external donors.

Daniel, the CBO Chairman is happy with the results! 

The food security project in Mahandakini which GVI have been working on for the past two years is a perfect example of a project which has been facilitated by the help of external donors, and, a very dedicated former volunteer.  One of the requirements of the food security program was the provision of a posho mill to the community of Mahandakini which would provide them with the revenue required to fund the ongoing costs of a not for profit grain store in the same community.  GVI was able to assist with the construction of both the grain store and the store room for the posho mill, however, 1000 Pounds required to purchase the posho mill was not available through GVI funding.  With the help of Andy Ferrington and City Jet the funding required for the posho mill become available to the community of Mahandakini in a very short period of time.

Sara and Dishon checking operatig specifications

Andy Ferrington was a volunteer on GVI’s Construction and Sustainable Development program in July of last year, and after leaving the project he became one of GVI’s most active ambassadors.  However, for Andy that wasn’t enough.  He wanted to help GVI get the food security project functioning as soon as possible.  With some good persuasion skills Andy was able to convince his employer - City Jet – to donate a large percentage of the funding required for the posho mill.  And, with the help of funds raised through GVI’s Charitable Trust the posho mill was purchased and installed early this year. 
People of Mahandakini are overjoyed by the installation of the posho mill in their community 
The community members of Mahandakini were overjoyed with the result and the food security project is set to be operating in full capacity within the next few months.  On behalf of GVI and the community of Mahandakini, I would like to thank City Jet and Andy Ferrington for their huge contribution to this project.