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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kidong Eco-Tourism Center is a Destination!

Over the past two months a steady flow of tourists have been passing through Kidong Eco-Tourism Centre, helping a group of over 25 ex-poachers generate sustainable incomes via this environmentally friendly venture initiated by GVI and WSPA.  The Eco-Tourism Centre at Kidong offers guided tours to Kidong Hill, demonstrations of traditional activities of the Kamba tribe by the village elders, delicious meals served in the Ndovu Restaurant and a huge amount of history about the transition of the people from Kidong, Kasaani and Mahandakini from poachers to protectors of wildlife.  Although the road to getting the Eco-Tourism Centre up and running has been a long one, the rewards are certainly worth it!

Delicious Food Served at Kidong Eco-Tourism Center

Kidong Eco-Tourism Centre is currently featured in the February edition of the East African Destination Magazine – a popular magazine advertising travel and accommodation options throughout East Africa. 

Kidong Eco-Tourism Article Featured in Destination Magazine

Publicity such as this is hugely appreciated by everyone involved in the establishment of the Kidong Eco-Tourism Centre and all of the ex-poachers engaged in the running of the project.  Moreover, with a number of meeting scheduled with safari companies in the next month, the future of Kidong Eco-Tourism Centre looks very bright! Thank-you to everyone past and present who has supported the development of this project, and help to make it such a successful venture.