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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ahoy Me Hearties – it’s Pirate Day!

Marine’s pirate crew set off early this morning at 6:30 and although the sea looked rough, this brave-hearted bunch didn’t hesitate as we ventured onto Bardan to begin the survey day, complete with pirate bandanas, stripy shorts, eye patches and even Bardan got involved with pirate flags decorating the deck!

The Pirate Crew aboard Bardan, our trusty seafaring vessel
We headed for our hidden treasure chest – the coral reefs of Kisite, and snorkelled to see hundreds upon hundreds of colourful jewels (reef fish) glinting and shining in the sunlight. Afterwards, we beached on a deserted Treasure Island to eat our snacks, talk about our favourite discoveries – Butterflyfish, Parrotfish and Damselfish – and play a game of Frisbee. A fleet of tourist dhows appeared on the horizon as we departed the island.

The glittering jewels of Kisite's coral reefs
The seas grew darker and angrier as we boarded ship and set course for port; the boat rocked from side to side and the crew dreamt of being home dry and well fed. As we stepped foot on dry land, the crew plundered the kitchen to find the land lubbers had prepared a feast for lunch which we devoured over stories about our day. And what a day!