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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving forward, conserving together

Following on from our last blog, talking about the problem of spear fishing, recently some positive action to address such problems has been taken by local Beach Management Units (BMUs) alongside the Fisheries Department, East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) and Kenyan Wildlife Service. Facilitated and funded by Flora and Fauna International, last week Shimoni held a big event to get local stakeholders together to discuss the possibility of establishing Community Conserved Areas (CCAs).

A healthy reef off Sii Island - one of the proposed CCAs
Representatives from all seven districts put forward their ideas for areas managed locally by the people who have the most invested in that area, and also put forward the problems and support they foresee being needed from other organisations. It was a progressive day with communities working together, sharing thoughts and moving forwards in conserving their natural resources. The aim of the CCAs would be to reduce destructive and illegal fishing methods by patrolling the areas and enforcing agreed regulations, and to charge small entry fees to tourists wanting to snorkel or dive on the reefs.

This project will no doubt grow and develop over the next few weeks with so many enthusiastic people coming together to get invovled, both from the scientific and local communities, so we will keep you updated!