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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Visit from KESCOM

On Friday a good friend of GVI Kenya popped in for a visit to our base to give a presentation on the work carried out by KESCOM, their aims and methods and how our partnership has developed over the years. Douglas Maina is a dedicated hardworking Kenyan who I have known professionally through GVI’s involvement in turtle conservation for over a year now and his talk was both inspiring and interesting, received well by staff and volunteers alike.

-Douglas presenting to volunteers-

For people taking part in the marine programme with GVI, the work of other conservation organisations over Kenya may not always be clear, but by inviting Douglas in to explain the grass roots efforts they are making to protect all turtle species on the coast this became apparent very quickly. We learnt about the local community groups set up by KESCOM who work on activities such as beach clean ups, anti-poaching patrols, clean ups, tagging and nest monitoring. We also learnt about the efforts being made in government to implement strategies to promote turtle conservation, including a management plan going into action in the first week of February. Thanks to partners such as KESCOM, we can see real changes being made to help conserve the fantastic natural resources Kenya is fortunate to have.