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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rhino Cement: Building Africa

Rhino cement, a famous brand of cement in Kenya uses the slogan - Rhino Cement: Building Africa. I don’t know if they are building Africa, but with the help of a great group of volunteers and community members, Rhino Cement certainly helped GVI to successfully build a grain store.

Rhino Cement - Building Africa
After two weeks of mixing cement, shoveling dirt, moving stones, laying building blocks, mixing more cement and sawing timber; GVI volunteers had managed to complete the construction of a grain store required for a food security program in the village of Mahandakini on the border of Tsavo West National Park.

Darren takes a break from mixing cement
The planned food security program in Mahandakini has been developed by a group of ex-poachers in conjunction with GVI staff and volunteers with the aim of improving access to staple foods in Mahandakini and reducing the cost of these foods for people living in the Mahandakini region. The foundations for this program have been in place for almost six months and with the construction of the grain store complete, all the elements required for the successful implementation of this food security program are in place. The community members of Mahandakini are very excited about the implementation of this food security program, as is everyone at GVI. The food security program is a not for profit project which will be financially supported by a posho mill business designed to act as an income generating project for the aforementioned group of ex-poachers in Mahandakini.

Everyone is all smiles once the grain store is complete
A massive thank-you goes out to everyone who has been involved in the planning and implementation of this project, especially the hard working group of volunteers who made the construction of this building not only possible, but also very enjoyable.