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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blown away on Marine

Stunning and colourful coral reefs
Today we spent our first day on the boat having successfully completed our training on the various species which we will be focussing on. Despite flat seas we struggled to see anything in the first few hours on the boat. Somewhat down heartened, we piled out of the boat to snorkel our first transect. This was superb! Despite a painfully tight mask I was blown away by the colour and variety of the coral landscape. The number of fish was beyond anything I had ever experienced. After swimming a few hundred yards we came across a stationary hawksbill turtle resting on the reef. After tolerating our gawping for a few minutes the turtle decided he had more important places to be and scooted off on his way. The slightly drunken motion adds an air of comedy to these majestic beasts. It was a real privilege to swim with such rare and interesting animals.

Playful Bottlenose dolphins with a tourist boat
After the snorkelling another transect we climbed back into the boat to search for dolphins on the return journey. Immediately we came across a small group of bottlenose dolphins. Their playful nature attracts many tourists and we shared our viewing with a number of tourist vessels. We record all our data throughout the sighting before the trip back to our rustic island base in time for lunch.