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Monday, February 7, 2011

Kindergarten Craziness and Island Rivalry!

Week two of the expo, and an amazing start to the week on community! There are so many aspects of community work to get involved with, from sports, to computer lessons, to teaching. My week started off in Kindergarten. The class is a big one of up to 40 pupils, so it was a challenge, but definitely a fun one. Madam Nana is a fantastic teacher with a great sense of humour and a lot of patience, which is needed with so many children! With no tables in the classroom, Madam Nana struggles to organize the children, but has made great progress with the alphabet and numbers so far and it has been a pleasure to help her. Outside play with the children prompted great excitement and we soon managed to get the kids into a circle and playing games. Hearing their shrieks of laughter made all the chaos worthwhile!

- Game time-

Being on community is a great way to challenge yourself and teaching a math’s class was definitely my challenge for this week as it is not my strong point. The children were fantastic though and picked it up so quickly it put me to shame! Seeing them learn and improve is so rewarding, especially when you have challenged yourself to help them. It also became apparent this week that Mkwiro Primary School is looking for some extra help with coaching their football, netball and volleyball teams. It seems there is some intense rivalry with the Wasini teams at the other end of the island so GVI have been drafted in to help coach the teams to victory, although I have a feeling they will be teaching us a thing or two!

-Big smiles all round-

So the first two weeks have been fantastic and it is obvious the impact GVI has on the community. Everyone knows GVI and walking through the village people shout “Jambo GVI, Karibu!” which really confirms we are making a lasting contribution, and the smiles on the kids faces are second to none!

- Megan Expedition Member