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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet James - our first Health Project Volunteer

Jambo Kenya! My week as a volunteer on the health project has been a very rewarding experience. Establishing a foundation for the next four weeks, I have met a number of the important people who work hard for the health of the Shimoni community. First of all there is Patrick, Kenyan Government Public Health Officer for the area. He is always smiling, and he works tirelessly for the people of Shimoni. Next there is Davis, the chairman of the local community health group SAFE Shimoni, and this organisation provides a number of outreaches for the village and surrounding areas. Lastly, I have had the opportunity to meet Diego, one of the workers at the Dispensary.  Importantly, the dispensary is a central component in the delivery of healthcare in Shimoni. It provides access to treatments for HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition and family planning, and I am really looking forward to working here over the coming weeks. Overall, it will be a good opportunity to learn more about the health issues impacting the people of Shimoni, and hopefully I will be learn about more ways GVI can help.

Safe Shimoni lead an outreach on growing veg as part of a healthy diet for those with HIV/Aid 
James Nightingale - Health Project Volunteer