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Thursday, September 29, 2011

4000 people in Wasini Island

Wasini Island is home to around 4000 people, split between the two main villages, who live their lives separated from the mainland by a 2km channel. Situated in the tropical Indian Ocean, it is an incredibly picturesque place to call home, but island life comes with it challenges in terms of supplying communities with some basic necessities. With no reliable source of freshwater, GVI’s main focus for the past few months has been assessing the status of water provision for Mkwiro village and implementing any improvements deemed priorities.
In Mkwiro there are communal water tanks used to store collected rainwater throughout the year – in working condition these could provide enough rainwater to get the village through the dry season. Unfortunately, over time disrepair and leaks started causing a loss of collected water and meant villagers have had to purchase water from the mainland.
This is where GVI stepped in. Through donations from GVIs charitable trust money has been raised to repair the water tanks. Local ‘fundis’ or builders are currently working on these essential repairs and are well on the way to having them in fully working condition. This will make a huge difference to the people of Mkwiro, giving them enough water not only to drink, but to cook and wash with. This is one of a number of community projects we are currently fundraising for - many thanks to everyone involved in making this hugely worthwhile project happen.