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Friday, September 23, 2011

New snorkel transect brings new data

Our marine programme has had a recent addition that we are all very excited about!!! Transect 11 has just been recently added to our snorkel surveys. The transect is just off the shelf outside our Mkwiro base which means that as long as the tide is low it can be snorkelled without even getting on a boat!!

Exploring the new transect.
The transect has already proven to be very interesting, with some species seen here that we haven't seen on our other transects. Bottlenose and Humpback dolphins have also been recorded off the eastern end of the transect, as well as other interesting species, including large Barracuda and Hawksbill and Green turtles. This data proves that although the waters in the Wasini channel are not protected by any jurisdiction they still offer an abundant and diverse range of sea life that we hope to be able to monitor and over time, preserve with the help of organisations like KWS who share our data.