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Friday, September 2, 2011

Close encounters of the wet kind

If Tuesday was an awesome day, full of sharks roaming our waters, and it seemed impossible to beat... well, that's because we ignored what was awaiting for us on Thursday. After a rainy and cold sail, and an early arrival to the reefs surrounding Kisite Island, we found ourselves snorkeling the first out of the three transects we crossed, absolutely amazed of the sea turtles and stingrays we were seeing, when we suddenly realize of the arrival of the tourist dhows just in front of us, forming a circle and moving in our direction... chasing a group of dolphins. Before we could even realize, we were swimming with a group of nine dolphins (7 adults and 2 calves) who completely encircled us. They swam with us, inspected us ("what are this guys doing in our territory?") and left, leaving us breathless in astonishment.

The group of dolphins

Later they, when we had finished the transect and we had come back on board, they came back, and we had the opportunity to see them from our boat. But the surprises didn't finish there. just after finishing the 3rd transect, and still not believing the stunning experience we had just lived hours ago, two humpack whales (a mother and a calf) blewed in the distance!
The humpback whale on the distance
 How to describe this day? After a long discussion, we all agreed in one single word: amazing!