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Friday, April 16, 2010

Preparations for the new school term!

With the schools on holidays we are making the most of our time by painting the classrooms in readiness for the new term that begins the end of April. So far we have drawn out lines on the walls of a rainbow, a monkey and adaptations of the seasons, not that the students see much of a difference between summer and winter as we do at home.

The rooms we are concentrating on this week are for the junior standards so all the colours make it more inviting and help make the learning experience easier. Also we are repainting the blackboards, to actually appear black which will make a huge difference to the teachers!
Also on the agenda this week we are going to have a screening of “Finding Nemo” for some of the younger children in the village, in the recently improved school library, complete with electricity and light. As we now have a projector, kindly donated through Val McCormack who just completed the community internship, we will be able to have a mini cinema experience, which the kids and the volunteers are equally excited about.

This week myself and Fran, the Community Officer, have met up with the deputy principal of the school and discussed how we are going to expand some after school activities for the students, so when the school reopens we will be ready with freshly painted classes and lots of ideas to occupy our time along with the students.