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Friday, April 9, 2010

Changing from Volunteer to Staff member.

Now like a staff member…
Once upon a wild we were volunteers and now, after 10 weeks of enjoying the expedition and experiencing everything that the Kenyan program has to offer, we have another 10 weeks of hard work and full of new challenges as staff member’s of the expedition 102.

We are now part of the team that have the inside information of how things work behind the scenes. So it’s been an exciting couple of days with all the organization and preparation in receiving the new volunteers, making them feel welcome and helping them settle in comfortably, just like when we arrived here the first time. We were in the same boat ourselves not too long ago and know what it’s like on the other side.

Saturday afternoon had us back on our beloved island of Wasini, where yet again we must get used to no running water, no electricity, bucket showers and the dreaded water run, we are old hands at it now and embrace it with relish, and have to say we enjoy watching the new volunteers adapting to their new home!
But when you think how lucky we are to have the breath taking scenery and amazing sunsets, along with clear night sky’s full of beautiful twinkling stars, the lack of modern conveniences of today are forgotten.
The end to the Easter weekend brought with it a long day of marine lectures, which was tiring on the new guys as well as us. Thankfully that’s over and Tuesday saw the first day back out on BARDAN, our research boat, with a surprise sighting of Humpback dolphins; it was as if they arrived to say “Jambo Jambo”.
It’s marvelous to be back in our home after our fantastic Massai Mara/Lake Nakuru Safari adventure, and with the rains having started happiness and hope has been brought to everybody especially to the Mkwiro village, that have now their own fresh water, and with the island looking all lush and green, it has a magical touch!!

Maisha marefu rafikis…

Viv, Fred, Julien