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Monday, April 19, 2010

New Marine Officer getting her feet wet.

Just a few weeks ago I crossed Wasini Channel as a new Marine Officer and already our base in Mkwiro village is like home. Originally, I am from Lithuania (small and beautiful country by the Baltic Sea) but for the last 10 years I feel more a citizen of the world migrating like a whale from Australia to Honduras with some stops in Europe studying whales and dolphins, learning from them and simply living.

------Humback dolphin diving deep----

I was greatly impressed by the responsible and serious attitude of the GVI, prioritizing relationship with local communities and organizations. Resident bottlenose dolphin population is one of the main reasons that interested me in this project. The possibility to study this species all year round in warm clear waters is a marine scientist’s dream. And how surprised I was to encounter an elusive humpback dolphin on the first day of the survey. They came to “ meet and greet” our new marine team in Wasini Channel. Sea is full of surprises. One minute we observe a bottlenose dolphin mum with a calf surfing waves close to the Kisite island, an hour later volunteer John spots a hawksbill turtle while on a snorkeling transect, then Shafii enjoys a view of a breaching manta ray by the Upper Mpunguti.

----Having a little fun watching Finding Nemo with the local school kids----

Much more salty sea adventures to come. Thus, keep on checking our blog or come and join us on the expedition.