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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mkwiro news

Half way through this expo and the time is just flying by. The children at Mkwiro school have now settled in to the new term and are responding so well to the new volunteers. I can’t believe how good a memory the children have as they always seem to remember everyone’s name. It is lovely to see the relationship growing strongly.

Aida, from Mexico, sings with the Kindergarten girls

Last Friday was a special day in the school. There was a sports day for the children as they had a visit from a neighbouring school in Wasini. The games included football, netball and volleyball. The competition was immense but eventually Mkwiro triumphed!

Mkwiro plays Wasini

Standard 1 and 2 have now got freshly painted classrooms that brighten up the room so much. I am not sure if there is more paint on the walls or on the volunteers! Monia has worked very hard to get the library up and running. All the books have now been labelled and we hope to get the books categorised this week and maybe a little bit of dusting for the shelves! Monia has also continued to build our relationship with the village and is in the process of completing a large notice board for the village centre to keep everyone informed of activities taking place by GVI. A special thanks from me for the wonderful map completed of the village and its facilities!

Painting the school walls

Well that brings you up to date from Mwiro. For me, it still remains as one of the beautiful places in the world as well as giving me the most rewarding experience of my life. Thank you GVI for the opportunity. Happy Valentines’ Day everyone!

Val, Community Staff in mkwiro