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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Appropriate Paper Technology (APT)

Over the past two weeks we have been researching a relatively new technology A.P.T. (appropriate paper technology) This is recycling from of technology which uses cardboard, paper, flour and water to make anything from ornaments to furniture which is fully functional.

Viv and Fran working in appropriate paper technology

Sounds pretty unbelievable, but it actually works. All materials are recycled, waste paper, thin card, corrugated cardboard boxes, flour is used to make the paste/glue. All the tools required are a pan for boiling the water and mixing the paste, knives and a smooth stick. It is a technique that was pioneered by Bevill Packer and Zimbabweans in the 70’s, he came up with the idea because there wasn’t money to buy art materials in the schools out there, so thought why not use waste materials like cardboard and paper which cost nothing- hence A.P.T. was born.

Recycled materials

We have managed to complete a child’s stool, which is sturdy enough to support an adult, and to think all it is is layers of cardboard stuck together on alternative grains, then many layers of paper machete. The layering up makes the weaker material of cardboard and paper strong and sturdy.

Final product!

Now we plan to teach the community of Shimoni how to use this technology so that they can make their own furniture inexpensively, or to create unique ornaments that they could sell on to tourists and have an income.

By Viv Bourke, GVI volunteer