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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Holiday time has come in Mkwiro!

After six inspiring weeks teaching in the village the school is now officially closed for the month of August.
Some of the students moved to the mainland to visit their families, but most of them are still in the village, willing to learn, enjoy and developing their skills.
This week we started a summer French & Italian language course open to anyone who wants to attend. I must admit I was excited and nervous at the same time… you are never sure about how many students are actually willing to go back in a classroom during their holidays.
I was immensely amazed when I saw so many people committed to learn a new language. Not just students already met in the school, but also adults (teachers, fishermen, etc…).This diversity creates a lovely atmosphere in the class that everyone is enjoying.

Matt Curnier teaches French

Today it was just the most beautiful lesson! Together with the other teacher Matthew, we were using the target language during role plays. The students were totally involved and were having a lot of fun. By the end of the lesson they were actually able to put together dialogues by themselves using the target language appropriately.

Women attending class

It always astounds me the willingness of the students to learn and achieve results, sometimes beyond their capacities.It is an intoxicating feeling which adds even more value to the mystique of this beautiful village and its charismatic people.