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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Giving: Jenni Continues To Support The Tsavo West Communities

Just over a month ago, we launched a Just Giving page with the aim of providing our friends, families, volunteers and anyone else interested, with an easy way of contributing to the development projects we are running in the Tsavo West region. The page outlines our objectives for the future in the ex-poaching villages of Kidong, Kasaani and Mahandakini and allows an easy way for people to make donations to these projects.

We have set a target of raising 10,000 GB Pounds for the community projects we are implementing. The target is large, but we believe that with your help we can reach it. The rationale behind setting the target so high was that the funding will be split between development projects in at least three communities. Most people in the villages of Kidong, Kasaani and Mahandakini struggle to send their children to school and to pay for medicine when they are ill. Moreover, food shortages are a regular occurrence in the Taveta region and as such many people are lucky to eat one meal a day. We have a lot of projects to implement toraise the standards of living in these communities to an acceptable level for everyone. Any money which is contributed to this site goes directly to the communities and is greatly appreciated by the people living out here.

Thus far the site has proved to be very successful with a number of donations made already. On that note, I would like to say a big thank-you to Jenni L who made a donation just a few weeks after returning home from her 5 weeks on our Kenya Expedition. Jenny spent a week working with the community of Kasaani and wanted to contribute something to help them with the alternative livelihoods they are pursuing. Once again, thank-you Jenni!

If you would like to make a donation to support the communities of Kidong, Kasaani and Mahandakini please visit www.justgiving.com/GVItsavowest.