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Thursday, December 10, 2009

MKWIRO: STIMA IKO! (Mkwiro: There's Electricity!)

As this expedition is coming to an end, I have found myself looking back at the things I have accomplished with GVI and realized that being here has made a lasting impression on myself and those people I have been privileged to work with.

This week saw the finish of two of very rewarding projects: finishing the library and the set up of the solar panels in Mkwiro Primary School!This was ongoing for numerous weeks due to the large amount of work involved in getting it up and running.

Library Shelves constructed and painted by GVI volunteers

First of all, we needed a place to get started. After numerous discussions with some of the elder villagers, the final agreement was a room in the school, a place that had a roof and a floor. A good start considering that one of the options given to us didn’t have these two basics.
Once this was organized, a fresh lick of paint on the wall and chalk board instantly made it look a whole lot lighter and brighter, giving way to the creative talents of some volunteers who transformed white wall canvas into a wonderous working environment with a “tree of knowledge” painted art work in one corner and old bee hives given a new lease of life, nailed together as the book shelves.Not too long ago, a previous volunteer with GVI gave a considerable donation towards the school, which helped give them one of the greatest tools possible: power!

Computer Corner at the Library

Without this, the introduction of solar panels in the library supplied by GVI would not have been possible. With the recent installations, the library now has lights and 2 electrical sockets for computers that were donated by a ex GVI Kenya volunteer who raised money trough a charity program. This opens up completely new avenue for this remote village on an island without electricity or running water.

Four Solar Panels in Mkwiro Primary School

It has been a combined effort by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff and is something that I have been privileged to be apart of and an experience I will take with me for years to come.

Thanks to everyone involved, it has been great!

Virginia Corbelet