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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jo shares the magic of Roald Dahl with Mkwiro Primary Standard 7

Roald Dahl was, without a doubt, a creative genius. For generations, his books have captured the hearts and imaginations of countless numbers of children throughout the world. A combination of captivating storylines, loveable characters and simple prose make his books timeless.

And so, on 13th March 2012, the Roald Dahl legacy reached Mkwiro Primary School; I had chosen ‘The Magic Finger’ as the basis for a listening comprehension exercise for a Standard 7 English lesson. The story is a favourite of mine and I hoped that the students would share my enthusiasm. As I began to read the first chapter, their expressions confirmed that my instinct was correct.
Children sit engrossed by Jo's regaling reading of 'The Magic Finger'

Thirty pairs of uncle eyes followed me intently as I moved around the classroom, their owners listening to my every word.

Cackles of laughter broke out as I recounted tales of avengeful ducks turning from hunted to hunter and the vindictive Mrs. Winter suffering the ungainly punishment of growing fur and whiskers.

Not only did the students understand and absorb the new vocabulary, they readily answered questions and then implored me to continue reading until the bell! To my relief, I had found an invaluable teaching resource with unlimited potential.

If the success of a book is measured by its ability to span distances, culture and time, Standard 7 have proven that ‘The Magic Finger’ is a masterpiece.

Jo Knapman - Community Volunteer