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Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 weeks on and Benjamin is becoming a well respected teacher

This week I have thoroughly enjoyed working within the community.  I started off the week by teaching in Shimoni Secondary where I taught form 2 English. I really enjoyed this because they are a large class and I interacted well with them and they were very responsive to my questions. After this lesson I did reading in the village with the kids, which was very enjoyable because they were very interested in what I was reading.

On Wednesday I went to Matunda Bora wildlife club where we presented a lecture on sea turtles found in the Shimoni Region to the children. We taught them facts about the two most common turtles in the area, which are the green turtle and hawksbill turtle. The other turtles we taught them about were Loggerhead, Olives Ridley and Leatherback, which are all critically endangered species.  

A green turtle seen by volunteers at Kisite Marine Park
Later on the Wednesday I went to Shimoni primary for reading in the Library with standard 6. I found my time here really cool because I enjoy reading to the students not only to help myself improve English but to help the kids too. This effect was multiplied as they were very interactive and entertained with the book I was reading called “Across the Bridge”.

I attended wildlife club in Shimoni Primary where I delivered a lecture on once again the species of sea turtles. It was very interesting as most of the kids were asking questions including, how many eggs can a Leatherback turtle lay? The answer to this is 400-500 and is very surprising. Most of the kids wanted to know the diet of the turtles because they all thought they were carnivorous but the hawksbill and green turtle both feed on jellyfish, seaweed and coral.

On Thursday I went to Shimoni Secondary where we taught English to standard 8. During this lesson I taught suffixes and prefixes. I explained before the lesson that a prefix is a group of letters added before a word or base to alter its meaning and form a new word, in contrast a suffix is a group of letters added after a word or base. The students grasped this concept fast and the lesson continued to run smoothly and successfully. I was very impressed by the students’ participation in class.  

Finally, I also went to Matunda Bora Academy where I taught an English lesson to standard 8 students. We read comprehensions with students and answered questions, which I was really happy about. This class is a self-driven class, students participated fully and they understood the comprehension by answering questions correctly.  I went to Shimoni Secondary for form three  drop-in where I shared a lot with students about Maasai culture and my time with GVI as an NSP. I want to say thanks to the GVI staff Mr. Eric for the great work and help he has given me this week and also thanks to everyone for being helpful to me.

Benja reading with local kids in Shimoni Village