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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reflexions on Expo 113 in the forest

The last few weeks on forest have been really exciting! There have been a couple of sightings of the rare Zanj Elephant Shrew and even a bush pig. A few of us were even lucky enough to see two snouted night adders mating! We have also collected valuable data on human disturbance in the forest. This involves counting evidence of disturbances such as fire, charcoal pits and tree logging. 

Cheers from the goats!

One day after a huge rain downpour we had nine different primate sightings (which does not happen too often), identifying 35 different primate individuals. On the same day we saw grey headed and brown hooded kingfishers, speckled mouse birds, crowned hornbills and an African fish eagle. Along with seeing wildlife in the forest we have also had some wildlife wander into the house. Some baboons came to visit and left with a cabbage and a black dress! We have also have a family of goats wandering in to say hello.