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Friday, October 14, 2011

Adventures in the mangroves!

Last Friday a group of us from the marine team adventured ourselves past the safety of the Mkwiro village and into the untamed wilderness that is the Wasini jungle. Smashed by the sun and chased by goats, we pressed on, leaving our fate in the hands of our trusty guide, Rashidi, who knows this island better than the back of his hand. Knee-deep in wet sand and mud, Mitch began the daunting chore of unraveling the tangled measuring tape.

Getting into the mangroves.

Thomas looked foolish through the backwards of the binoculars, while Linda and Irene identified the unknown tree species. Katie and Gill, our knowledgeable staff escort, meanwhile, filled us in on some critical mangrove information. The mangroves trap sediments that keep the waters around the coast clear but full of necessary nutrients, but unfortunately for us, they also trap a large amount of rubbish. After Mitch was done tree hugging with a tape measure, we where forced by the quickly rising tide to return to base and sit down to our delicious lunch of probably beans.
Measuring mangrove diameter.