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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mangrove survey results

During this expedition we finished the mangrove tree surveys on Wasini Island on the 4 set transects from upper tidal to lower tidal regions. We have been able to see that the Red mangrove tree was the most commonly occurring species, with Xylocarpus Moluccensis and Black Mangrove also being very common. There was a range in canopy cover observed, from 10% to 95%, however, over 50% of the canopy cover was recorded as over 90% and only 19% was recorded as lower than 50% covered.
Initial results from tree species surveys
 We have also undertaken an additional 12 mangrove questionnaires with members of the Mkwiro community; results have been adding to our understanding of the different uses of the mangrove resources and indicated a good understanding from the community members of their importance. The graph below illustrates the frequency of use of each tree species, with Yellow mangrove being mentioned as most commonly used, followed by White mangroves, Sonneratia alba and Xylocarpus granatum. Yellow mangrove was interestingly one of the least commonly seen tree species on our abundance survey.
Uses of mangrove tree species from community questionnaire results