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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eric the Earth Club Snake

This week in earth Club was exciting to say the least! First we all cleaned and sorted the plastic bottles and materials we had collected last week in our litter pick. The intent being to promote awareness and education on the issue of pollution and rubbish. By getting the students involved, we are teaching the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste and keeping a clean environment.

So, it was 3pm and we were off for Earth Club. After sorting all the bottles, and making a long rope from old scraps of material also collected, we split the class into three groups. Each group got one small section of rope and a handful of bottles. Through strategic teamwork and creativity, we thread all the bottles onto the rope to make a really, really, really long snake, we named Eric, with a jerry can for a head complete with sharp fangs and a forked tongue.

The students proudly hold their recycled creation from plastics bottles!

The students loved being challenged and working closely together, and we all burst into the Earth Club song once we had threaded the final bottle. Everyone was cheering and parading around the school grounds each carrying a part of the snake. It was heart warming to see how much fun the students had, working together to learn about recycling in a practical way, and building a giant plastic snake!

The message of recycling was made fun and practical for Earth Club today
After the parade, we headed back to the classroom to recap the key points behind the activity and the concept of recycling, and the importance of a clean, healthy community. Eric the Snake is now going to be used as a prop and teaching tool for other lessons in the school including drama and environmental education. Until the next time... safari njema.