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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kenyan Classroom Experiences

The Kenyan classroom is a different experience than the volunteers in the 'Pumba' Teaching Group has ever had before. Our students thus far have shown great enthusiasm. They are eager to show the volunteers what they can do. The classroom format is uncommon to most Western classes. The ages range in each Standard (grade), the classroom door – if there is one – stays open at all times. It’s hard to keep noise out, especially on a rainy day with droplets pounding on the tin roof.

-- Adapting to new classroom surroundings! --

We’re still learning our way as teachers in Kenya. There are new standards to adapt to, like the freedom to go in and out of the classroom. Since we do not have the same students all the time it is harder to know what is going on in their lives. Nevertheless our past few lessons have been successful; it certainly seems that they are learning from us. We’ve had the opportunity to teach an English class, a Life Skills class, and lead Earth Club. Class time passes quickly, but planning lessons takes twice as long as it actually takes to teach them! (We hope this will change as we get more experience!) Right now we are preparing for our first Standard 1 Creative Arts class, where we will be reading a story about a boy named Ajani who loves football.

We look forward to getting to know our students more inside and outside the classroom!