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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Building relations in Wasini

So it’s the start of expedition 103 and as we crossed the channel from Shimoni to Wasini Island with a fresh bunch of volunteers in the warm sunshine, cool sea breeze and beautiful scenery… it was evident it was going to be a magical and memorable expedition.

-- Wasini Primary School --
There’s a number of new and exciting projects happening within both Shimoni and Mkwiro community however the current excitement lies in Wasini Village – a small village on the West Side of Wasini Island. We are starting a new teaching project with the local public primary school who has specifically requested GVI’s support (teaching English). This particular project is one which we have been eager to start for a number of months now so it’s a very exciting time. This key role has been assigned to one of our newly appointed community staff members – Nathalie Marciano. Nathalie is thrilled about working in partnership with the Wasini Primary School as it’s a fantastic opportunity to not only build relations with the school but also the community at large.

-- Crossing Nathalie to her new home in Wasini Village --
The following days have been extremely busy planning and setting up new timetables and identifying local community groups. Alongside this we’ve also had some fun and amusement… moving an assembled bed across the channel!!. We’ll keep you all updated with Wasini’s progress and all the new developments within Shimoni and Mkwiro – it’s a very exciting time for all involved and we look forward to sharing all of our achievements and exciting moments with you throughout the expedition.
-- A helping hand; moving onto the island --