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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Nervous First Lesson

One of our community volunteers tells about her first step up to the front of the classroom:

The Children are wonderful to teach and the community staff are good fun and provide encouragement and support all the time…but I was still quite nervous when I went to lead my first lesson. My class was standard 1 who are about 5-6 years old and I was teaching them Creative Arts.

We opened with a fun warmer game using colour flashcards and the children were running to touch the colours that I shouted out. They finally settled down and began their main activity which was drawing items of a specific colour which were then glued to a big colour chart. All the kids did really well showing that they understood my instructions and had a great time too. It was so rewarding to plan a class, prepare all the materials and give the lesson which worked so well!

My review by Kate (one of the community staff who was observing me in the class) was excellent and has really instilled confidence in me to plan and lead more and more lessons. The community team that we all work in is like an extended family. We all plan lessons together, support each other in the classroom, do chores together so that it feels like my home from home.