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Saturday, August 22, 2009

And The Products Are...

We left you wondering what products the community of Kasaani will be making from honey a couple of days ago, but the wait is over! After a week of getting sticky, dusty and singing the days away with a group of GVI volunteers, the community of Kasaani is now producing beautifully packaged Honey Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Honey Bath Wash!

Kasaani's Honey Caramel Sauce... and yes, it does taste as good as it looks!

The week at Kasaani was a huge success. The community was very excited about the packaging designs we presented to them for their honey products. The labels for both products were made using recycled paper made from elephant dung and natural sisal fiber. Moreover, local dress material known as kanga was incorporated into the design for the Honey Caramel Sauce. With some excellent teaching by the volunteers, the community were soon producing and packaging their very own jars of Honey Caramel Sauce and bottles of Vanilla Honey Bath Wash. I honestly believe that they surprised themselves with the quality which always means good things!

Vanilla Honey Bath Wash... looks good enough to eat!
Moreover, having sourced a pre-order for some of the products, the community of Kasaani received immediate payment for all of their hard work. This is probably one of the most tangible results they have seen from the lessons that they have been receiving from GVI and it looks like one of the first industries which has the potential to generate incomes for the people of Kasaani from this day forward. I couldn’t be happier and don’t think the community of Kasaani could be either… except maybe when we build a water pipeline into their village in a weeks time... WATCH THIS SPACE!

The GVI volunteer team with the Kasaani community group