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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Georgia proves to herself she can teach afterall

Having never taught a proper lesson before and not being particularly good at English, the prospect of teaching a whole class on English was rather daunting. Firstly I had to revise what adjectives and verbs were and especially comparatives and superlatives as this was my topic title.

Georgia gets into the nitty gritty of adjectives
The day before the lesson we had a big training session teaching us all about how to manage a class, what makes a good and bad teacher, games we can play and all sorts of useful things. It all involved various activities for us to play to keep us entertained and show how we can do various things with the children. We also got to observe the staff teaching and help the class with the tasks so we could learn from them.

Students practice what they've learned in a fun activity
I was not looking forward to having to stand I front of the class and teach them, but once I got started and flowing on the topic and involving the children I began to relax a bit. It was luckily only a small class and the students very eager to participate, do the exercises and write the answers on the board so it made it easier for me not having to push or persuade them so much. They made the lesson very enjoyable and the time pass quickly. I'm so glad I had a chance to teach them.

Georgia Carrington – Conservation Intern