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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Now that school's out, it's fun time!

As the rest of the schools had closed for the year, our activities this week took place at Shimoni Primary. By activities, I mean fun activities and I mean FUN! Think of debates, team building activities and singing games to fully fledge the fun amongst the kids.

Team building exercise!
To kick it off, we had a debate with the standard 6 students on the topic, “School uniforms are good.” The opposers and proposers had the zeal and determination to make their teams win. Clearly, it was visible that the students do not take defeat so easily. They therefore had to put a lot of effort into their team discussions to come up with a lot of points to make their teams win.  The speakers from each team argued out their points with all the confidence they could garner, not to mention the attitude that at some point the speakers just showed to prove to the opponents that they knew and meant what they were saying. The attitude would seem gross and disrespectful in other scenarios but this time round it was such an interesting thing to watch. After about an hour, all the points from both teams had been exhausted and the best part for both teams was that it was a draw. This meant there wouldn’t be any hard feelings for either of teams because none of them would be mocked.

Madam Matata reads with the pupils
The second part was team building activities led by Mr. Simon. These were random activities involving all the students who were ready and willing to participate. The sweet, innocent kindergarten kids were in large numbers and their innocent stares motivated us to want to bring the best in them and at the same time build them up with strategies of how they could work together through fun games. The games teaching on team building included blind folding activities in which the groups had to diligently guide their blind-folded members into their destination while ensuring that they do not trip over stones or high points at any point.  The students did this with all the keenness and attention, their driving force being to emerge the best. This showed that every human being small or big would do anything to shine, and therefore kids and students have to be encouraged and be taught to bring out the best in them. Apart from building the students themselves, this was also an eye opener for us. A lesson that each of us should embrace and always put into use.
Fun and games with Mr Kopa

The final activity, was teaching them singing games and joining them in dancing and singing to the ones they already knew. This session was the bomb! Captivating at every stage and not wanting to end. The students have a way of winding their waists to the rhythms of the songs and quickly learning the new songs which makes it interesting. This made the session stimulating and left us wanting for more. We barely realized how time went by so fast and we had no choice but to call it a day and tell the kids adios.

Mercy Jepkiuri - National Kenyan Scholar