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Monday, November 12, 2012

Health Project: A day at the dispensary

Our Tuesday morning started as usual with research before going to the dispensary, which is the local public health facility in Shimoni. As we had new volunteers on the health program, we introduced them to the health workers at the dispensary and showed them around the facility. After the introduction we immediately got to work.

Mercy and Violet write up patient records with Dispensary staff Diego
There was a measles campaign running at the dispensary this week, whereby local residents could come for health check ups and to receive vaccinations.  We offered to assist, but the nurse said that Patrick (the Public Health Officer) was leading the campaign. We didn’t panic, I told my health team to look for other jobs because there were plenty of things we could help with and much work to be done.

Health staff Kopa assist at the dispensary pharmacy supervised by Diego
Kenyan volunteers Mercy and violet were working at the reception. They registered patients as they came into the dispensary and wrote out prescriptions under the supervision of dispensary staff Diego. Both volunteers were really working hard. This was amazing because this was their first day assisting at the facility (good job guys keep it up J).

Jordan weighs children
My fellow health staff Matata and volunteer Jordan were weighing the children and recording their weight on their medical records. Then, they filled the date of the next appointment for the child to be weighed. As usual Matata and Jordan were working hard and they did a spectacular job.

Kopa and Jordan make cotton wool balls - tedious but very important.
I went to work at the pharmacy to give out prescriptions to patients under the supervision of the nurse.  It was interesting work which I enjoyed doing. After a while Jordan joined me in the pharmacy. Once these tasks were finished we moved on to other ones.  Before thinking of anything to do, the nurse gave me some cotton wool to roll into small balls. The small cotton balls were used to clean the wounds at the dressing corner. Although there was a rather large amount of cotton to be sorted, I just kept my spirit up and my usual positive mental attitude, thinking ‘I can do it!’ Matata and Jordan joined me. So after sometime we finished all work in time to go back home to a well-deserved lunch. It was a busy and successful health day at the dispensary.

Mwinyiisa Kopa Mchasa - Health Field Staff