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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting to know the different habitats in Wildlife Club

On Wednesday we had Wildlife Club at Matunda Bora and afterwards at Shimoni Primary. Our topic this week was wild animals and their habitats. We brought a large map of the world with us and started dividing it into different habitats which we described to the children. Starting with tropical forest and grassland in Africa we would also talk with them about mountains, for example the Mount Everest in the Himalayas, deserts like the Sahara, the Polar Regions, the sea, the Northern woods and Australia. After a while we showed them little pictures of lots of different animals and they had to find out in which habitat they belong. Of course they knew a lot about lions, monkeys and elephants, but they also did a really good job in guessing about animals they did not know. They loved the kangaroo, for instance. It was a good demonstration about how children can use the little bit of information given to them to understand something and find a solution.

Ziska teaches Matunda Bora Wildlife Club about the cycle of water
At Matunda Bora the time was up right after we found the habitat of the last animal and pinned it onto the map, but at Shimoni Primary we had time for two little games. The first one is called Snake. We handed out one card to each child. On each card there was a question about an animal and an answer to another question. One child read out the question on its card and the others had to find the person with the right answer who eventually had to read out his question. The second game was who am I, where the children had to imitate an animal and answer questions about it, so the others could guess which animal it was.

Shimoni Primary students learn about different habitats in wildlife club.
Wildlife Club was really funny. Especially at Shimoni Primary it was really nice, because we were outside and had a lot of space. The kids in Shimoni can be really curious about the world and are keen to learn. They were having a lot of fun and so was I.

Ziska Paukert, GVI Combination Volunteer